Brock Family Care is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice model. This model allows us to provide a more personalized and affordable healthcare without the influence of insurance companies and government agencies. We offer two options of payment:

Prepaid Monthly Memberships


Individual Plan


Family of 2


Family of 3

**$50 for each additional family member under 27 years old**

Benefits of enrolling in one of our membership plans:

Clear, Up-Front Cost. No copays. Our members pay a flat monthly fee for access to the below services.

  • Unlimited Visits including telehealth visits
  • 2 sets of complete lab work per year per person:
    • CBC w/ diff
    • CMP
    • Hemoglobin A1C
    • Iron/TIBC/Ferritin
    • Lipid Panel
    • TSH+Free T4
    • Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy
    • PSA (for men after 55)
  • 1 annual physical exam including an EKG and Urinalysis.
  • House calls as appropriate

**Other services and procedures are charged at an additional price. Please see below the pricing of most of our services.**


Prepaid Monthly Memberships


(for patients who choose not to enroll in any of our membership plans)

  • Standard Office Visit – $125
  • Telehealth Visit – $50

Physical exams are charged as a flat fee as seen below:

Physical Exams Pricing

Any additional services are charged as additional fee on top of the standard office visit.

  • Example: Sally is seen in-office for a follow-up visit with her provider. She is experiencing some uncommon palpitations, weakness, and fatigue. Anne Brock does an EKG and orders her nurse to draw up some labs such as CBC, CMP, TSH + Free T4 and Lipid Panel.
    Sally will pay:
    • $125 for the visit
    • $50 for the EKG
    • $55 for the labs ordered
    • Sally’s total bill will be $230

      Please see below the price list for our most common procedures and labs:

      Services list

      IV Infusion pricing


      Services list

      Services list

      **Any specialty labs are also charged at a wholesale rate and the price will be given to the patient at the time of visit**

      We do NOT file any kind of insurance, and patients are expected to pay upfront at the time of the visit unless enrolled in our membership plans. We do not send bills after your visit. You may choose to file your own commercial insurance for reimbursement of services; however, they may pay you back as out-of-network coverage since we are not contracted with any insurances. Therefore, if you pay $125, depending on your plan, you may only get reimbursed $20, $5 or nothing at all. Also, you may not file for reimbursement if you have Medicare or Medicaid.