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Annual Physicals

An annual physical is an effective tool for warding off disease and detecting illnesses in their early stages. At Brock Family Care in Forest City, North Carolina, board-certified family nurse practitioner Anne Brock, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, performs several types of physical exams for patients 11 years old and up. Call Brock Family Care today or schedule an appointment online to book an annual physical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are annual physicals?

An annual physical is an assessment that Mrs. Brock performs at Brock Family Care to evaluate your overall health and fitness. A physical exam is one of the most valuable health screenings in preventive medicine.

The information that Mrs. Brock gathers during your physical helps her design a care plan that prevents disease and treats health conditions before they become serious threats to your well-being.

What happens during annual physicals?

When you arrive for your physical, Mrs. Brock and her team check your vitals (blood pressure, temperature, and respiration rate) and record your height and weight. Next, Mrs. Brock conducts your physical exam, which includes two portions:

Medical history review
Every physical exam includes a complete medical history review. Evaluating your medical history enables Mrs. Brock to identify potential health risk factors, medications that may interfere with your treatment, and even early signs of disease. During this part of your exam, Mrs. Brock asks you questions, such as:

  • What is your family health history?
  • What medications are you currently taking?
  • Are you experiencing any new or worsening symptoms?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol? If so, how often?
  • Are you currently using contraception?

A physical exam is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask Mrs. Brock any questions you may have about your health.

Medical exam

The physical portion of your physical exam is a head-to-toe evaluation. Mrs. Brock starts by looking inside your ears, nose, and throat before listening to your heart and lungs. Next, she touches your abdomen to ensure your organs are the correct size and in their expected locations. Finally, she performs tests to evaluate your reflexes and muscle strength. 

Mrs. Brock may also administer any vaccines you need at your appointment.

Are there different types of physicals?

Brock Family Care offers many types of physicals, including: 

CDL physicals
A commercial driver’s license (CDL) physical is an assessment that every commercial truck driver must undergo to receive their driving certificate. Every commercial truck driver must pass the exam at least once every two years.  

School physicals
North Carolina state law requires every student to undergo a physical exam within 12 months of starting the school year.

Sports physicals
Many competitive sports teams require players to complete a full physical exam before playing on the team.

To learn more about annual physicals, call Brock Family Care or schedule an appointment online today.

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