Anne Brock, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC Certified Medical Examiner

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Message from Anne Brock:

“After forty-two years of healthcare experience and twenty-two years as a nurse practitioner, I was very excited for the opportunity to open a private family practice on February 1, 2022.

Brock Family Care is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model with office visits on Monday through Thursday offering telehealth appointments as needed.

Providing flat-rate pricing and not accepting any forms of health insurance allows for more personalized and affordable healthcare. Prepaid monthly memberships are also offered with a broad range of primary care services, including bloodwork and in-office procedures. A pay-per-visit option is offered as well, with access to discounted labs.

My staff and I are dedicated in providing healthcare that is patient centered, giving the patient the time and the attention they need. We fight for LIFE!”


Brock Family Care provides primary health care and urgent care services for you and your family, as well as coordinates care between hospitals and specialty care.

Good News! The key to surviving COVID-19 is to TREAT early!  Even if you are in the high-risk age group or if you have comorbidities, we can help! Seek care immediately!

Anne Brock is a Certified Medical Examiner with the US Department of Transportation. If you are looking to get your CDL license, please call our office to make an appointment.

Telehealth visits are very convenient, especially when you are sick and do not feel like leaving your home. Or you may be at work and just need a quick visit to get your medication refills…

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This form is NOT to be used to request appointments, send messages to your provider or any medical related questions. If you are a current patient, please use the patient portal. For new and existing patients requesting appointments, please use the online scheduling or call our office at 828-382-7282. This form is to be SOLELY used for general questions. Thank you!

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